Physicochemical Properties of Palm Stearin and Palm Mid Fraction Obtained by Dry Fractionation

Bangun P. Nusantoro(1*)

(1) Department of Food and Agricultural Product Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Jl. Flora, Yogyakarta 55281
(*) Corresponding Author


Palm stearin was obtained from the 1st  dry fractionation at a yield of 27.6 % with IV: 37.6 and SMP: 51.8 oC while palm mid fraction (PMF) was obtained from the 2nd dry fractionation at a yield of 24.1 % with IV: 45.8 and SMP:42.7 oC. Palm stearin consisted mainly of POP (31.06 %), PPP (20.61%) and POO (15.81 %) while palm mid fraction had disaturated TAG (such as POP: 61.05 % and POSt: 11.76 %) as the major constituents. From melting properties,palm stearin had a higher melting temperature (T : 46.7 oC) than that of PMF (T : 38.5 oC). It was also shown that,M Min general, palm stearin had higher solid fat content at any temperature compared to PMF. Palm stearin will likely besuitable as hard stock for shortenings and PMF has potency in margarine formulations.


Palm stearin; PMF; dry fractionation; DSC; SFC

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