Glycerolysis-intertesterification of Palm Stearin and Nyamplung Oil Mixture in High Shear Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Bonifasius Rionaldo(1), Rini Yanti(2), Chusnul Hidayat(3*)

(1) Department of Food Technology and Agricultural Products, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jl. Flora No. 1, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281
(2) Department of Food Technology and Agricultural Products, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jl. Flora No. 1, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281
(3) Department of Food Technology and Agricultural Products, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jl. Flora No. 1, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281
(*) Corresponding Author


Glycerolysis-interesterification can be used for the synthesis of products containing high total Mono- and Diacylglycerol (MDAG). Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the synthesis of products rich in MDAG content using glycerolysis-interesterification method in High Shear Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (HS-CSTR). The impact of varying material flow rates (6, 10, 14, 18, and 22 mL/min) and processing time on the concentration of MDAG, physical properties of the resulting product, and consistency of product quality throughout the process were assessed. Furthermore, glycerolysis-interesterification reaction was performed at a temperature of 120 °C, with a glycerol and oil mixture mole ratio of 1:5 (mol/mol), 3% NaOH, and a stirring speed of 2000 rpm. Oil mixture consisted of Palm Stearin (PS) and Nyamplung oil (Calophyllum inophyllum) (MC) with a PS:MC mole ratio of 80:20 (mol/mol). Subsequently, the acylglycerol concentration and physical properties of the product were analyzed. The results showed that the material flow rate had a significant effect on MDAG and the physical properties of the product. The highest MDAG was obtained at a flow rate of 6 mL/min with content of 58.56±0.91%, and Slip Melting Point (SMP) of 41.44±0.08 °C and 42.9±0.03 °C. The hardness, emulsion capacity, and stability values were 10.88±0.22 N, 85.2±6.93%, and 88.7±5.00%, respectively. The acylglycerol concentration and physical properties of the product did not significantly fluctuate throughout the process, indicating that the process had achieved a steady state condition.


Glycerolysis-interesterification; High shear continuous stirred tank reactor; Mono- and diacylglycerol; Nyamplung oil; Palm stearin

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