Potensi DNA Sebagai Penguat Flavor


Nuri Arum Anugrahati(1*), C. Hanny Wijaya(2), Safir Abadi(3)

(1) Jurusan Teknologi Pangan, Fakultas Teknologi Industri, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci, Tangerang
(2) Jurusan Teknologi Pangan dan Gizi Fakultas Teknlogi Pertanian, Institut Pertanian Bogor
(3) Alumni Jurusan Teknologi Pangan, Fakultas Teknologi Industri, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci, Tangerang
(*) Corresponding Author


The application of DNA in food product is still limited. Meanwhile, nucleotides such as IMP and GMP have been widely used as flavour enhancer. The objectives of this research was to study the potency of DNA as a flavour enhancer. Firstly, the phsyco-chemical properties of single-stranded DNA were determined. The next step was the determination of treshold value using trained panels. Formulation of flavour enhancer premix and seasoning were also conducted in this research based on previous result. DNA was soluble in water and base solution. The viscosity of DNA solution was stable to oxygen exposure, but unstable to heat and light exposure. The water, ash, protein, fat, and carbohydrate content of single stranded DNA were 6.37%, 25.20%. 48.58%, 0.1%, and 19.75%, respectively as wet basis. DNA and MSG have shown synergistic effect. The ratio of MSG and DNA premix, which had the best organoleptic properties was 95:5, according to hedonic test result, the optimum formula for seasoning was 1 g of salt, 1 g of flavour enhancer premix, 1 g sugar, 0.8 g of garlic powder, and 0.4 g of pepper


DNA; MSG; flavour enhancer

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/agritech.13506

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