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Majalah Farmaseutik, ISSN 1410-590x (print) and ISSN 2614-0063 (online), is a scientific journal published by Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Releasing two issues annually, we dedicate our journal to research and development especially in the field of Pharmaceutics. We accept manuscripts that cover research in pharmaceutical biology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, community clinics, and pharmaceutical management. Manuscripts accepted in our journal include research papers, original research articles, and research on short communication. We accept manuscripts written in both Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and English.

Our review system is single-blind peer review. Please note that our journal only accept submission through this website, and manuscripts sent to our e-mail will not be proceeded further.

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Welcome to the new OJS website from Pharmaceutics Journal. After joining the Gadjah Mada University Online Journal system, we want to improve to be a better journal for researchers and readers. We point to the online journal system, so the information you need regarding your shipment is included in this journal.

Our journal delivery system is centered on a single door system. In other words, to send your manuscript to our journal, please click Submission Online in the right sidebar of this page. We no longer accept sending text via email.

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Posted: 2019-03-15
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Vol 16, No 1 (2020): In Press

Table of Contents


Hery Muhamad Ansory, Prietta Khania Kusuma Putri, Nur 'Aini Hidayah, Anita Nilawati
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.35985 Abstract views : 23
Agus Dwi Ananto, Handa Muliasari, Saprizal Handisaputra
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.43072 Abstract views : 28
Poppy Diah Palupi, Metrikana Novembrina, Buanasari Buanasari, Fita Rahmawati, Tri Murti Andayani
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.45050 Abstract views : 33
Rety Setyawaty, Widayat Widayat, Dewanto Dewanto
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.46123 Abstract views : 52
Rizqi Nurul Khasanah, Ika Puspitasari, Titik Nuryastuti, Nunung Yuniarti
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.47914 Abstract views : 34
Nur Aisah, Satibi Satibi, Sri Suryawati
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.47972 Abstract views : 81
Pebriati Sumarningsih, Nanang Munif Yasin, Rizka Humardewayanti Asdie
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.47986 Abstract views : 43
Titi Ira Pangestuti, Djoko Wahyono, Titik Nuryastuti
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.48051 Abstract views : 29
Puspa Dwi Pratiwi, Akhmad Kharis Nugroho, Endang Lukitaningsih
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.48352 Abstract views : 42
Rahmat Widiyanto, Wahono Sumaryono, Djoharsjah Djoharsjah
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.48714 Abstract views : 42
M. Fathan Nugrah Utama, Sampurno Sampurno, Djoharsyah Djoharsyah
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.48716 Abstract views : 18
Shesanthi Citrariana, Endang Lukitaningsih, Akhmad Kharis Nugroho
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.48941 Abstract views : 33
Dea Pertiwi, Rise Desnita, Sri Luliana
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.49446 Abstract views : 50
Pia Rika Puspawati, Susi Ari Kristina, Chairun Wiedyaningsih
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.49790 Abstract views : 37
Yanthy Susanti, Anny Victor Purba, Deni Rahmat
10.22146/farmaseutik.v16i1.52243 Abstract views : 30