Majalah Farmaseutik

Majalah Farmaseutik, ISSN 1410-590x (print) and ISSN 2614-0063 (online), is a scientific journal published by Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Releasing three issues annually in January, May and September, we dedicate our journal to research and development especially in the field of Pharmaceutics. We accept manuscripts that cover research in pharmaceutical biology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, community clinics, and pharmaceutical management. Manuscripts accepted in our journal include research papers, original research articles, and research on short communication. We accept manuscripts written in both Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and English.

Our review system is double-blind peer review. Please note that our journal only accept submission through this website, and manuscripts sent to our e-mail will not be proceeded further.

Majalah Farmaseutik



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Starting in August 2023, Majalah Farmaseutik stipulates that the rules for submitting articles must be in the layout according to the template listed. please adjust

Posted: 2023-07-28

Author Fees

Since 2023, starting from vol 19 Issue 1, to maintain quality and timely publication, any accepted manuscript for publication, will be charged IDR 300k per manuscript as the publication fee.  
Posted: 2023-01-19

Publication Frequency

starting in 2022, Majalah Farmaseutik is published 4 times a year. namely in March, Juny, September, and December.  
Posted: 2022-07-13
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Vol 19, No 3 (2023): in press

Table of Contents


Agung Endro Nugroho, Hardiyani Presticasari, Fita Rahmawati
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.67258 Abstract views : 122
Farisa Luthfiana, Agung Endro Nugroho, Ika Puspitasari
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i1.70344 Abstract views : 87
Rahmaningtyas Nurifahmi, Zullies Ikawati, Tri Murti Andayani
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i1.74541 Abstract views : 67
Monia Agni Wiyatami, Ika Puspita Sari, Nanang Munif Yasin
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.74819 Abstract views : 115
Lalu Rizki Fauzi
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.77942 Abstract views : 52
Arina Titami, Chairun Wiedyaningsih, I Dewa Putu Pratama
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.78446 Abstract views : 108
Raymon Simanullang, Tri Murti Andayani, Chairun Wiedyaningsih
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.83529 Abstract views : 73
Arif Nur Ikhsan, Hani Nabila Suryani, Anik Sri Ernawati, Celine Aurellia Chang, Purwanto Purwanto Purwanto
Juniawan Akbar Karisma Putra, Chairun Wiedyaningsih, Anna Wahyuni Widayanti, MPH., Apt., Ph.D.
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.85126 Abstract views : 237
Siti Khoiriyah, Purwanto Purwanto, Indah Purwantini
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.82593 Abstract views : 132
Endang Yuniarti
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.86207 Abstract views : 113
Dwi Ismayati, Dwi Endarti, Fita Rahmawati
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.77852 Abstract views : 21
Amelia Rumi, Raiza Aulia, Muhamad Rinaldhi Tandah
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.78950 Abstract views : 63
Nanang Munif Yasin, Dwi Pujilestari, Titik Nuryastuti
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.80477 Abstract views : 26
Nanang Munif Yasin, Angela Flora Stephanie Lawalata, Satibi satibi
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.84296 Abstract views : 34
Juita Putrinda Bili, Titien Siwi Hartayu, Florentinus Dika Octa Riswanto
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.84961 Abstract views : 34
Sarmadhan Saputra Tahoangako, Djoko Santosa, Nanang Fakhrudin
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.84448 Abstract views : 49
Umaimatun Nakhil, Ronny Martien, Adhyatmika Adhyatmika
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.85641 Abstract views : 57
Yogie Andika Tri Nanda, Khadijah zai
10.22146/farmaseutik.v19i3.85186 Abstract views : 56