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1 The power of a leader in the samin people’s opposition movement to the development of a cement factory in the North Kendeng mountains Asrawijaya, E., Hudayana, B. 2021 Humaniora33(1), pp. 26-38 1
  The tribal education in Indonesia: Detribalization challenges of Samin tribeOpen Access Kholiq, A., Mutohar, A., Sumintono, B. 2022 Cogent Education9(1),2136861  
2 The Halal tourism trajectory, the emergence and challenge: The case of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam post-2004 Tsunami Rindrasih, E. 2021 Jurnal Humaniora33(1), pp. 71-80 1
  Localizing Indonesian Halal tourism policy within local customs, Qanun, and marketing Purwandani, I., Yusuf, M. 2021 Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events  
3 Sufi healing and the translation of metafunction in Al-Hikam aphorisms Anis, M.Y., Nababan, M., Santosa, R., Masrukhi, M. 2021 Jurnal Humaniora33(3) 2
  The ideology behind the translation of an Islamic moral ethic book: A case study of Al-Ḥikam’s aphorismsOpen Access Anis, M.Y., Nababan, M., Santosa, R., Masrukhi, M. 2022 Cogent Arts and Humanities9(1),2129484  
  The thematic system in the construction of Arabic Sufism communities and Islamic identityOpen Access Anis, M.Y., Nababan, M., Santosa, R., Masrukhi, M. 2022 HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies78(1),a7469  
4 Conquest and Care for the Preservation of Nature and Environment in the Novel Amba by Laksmi Pamuntjak: Study Ecocriticism Wiyatmi 2021 Humaniora28(3), pp. 315-323 2
  A study of ecocriticism on the representations of ecological conditions in rawa gambutOpen Access Arianto, B., Sayuti, S.A., Efendi, A. 2021 Studies in English Language and Education8(3), pp. 1267-1284  
  Representation of ethical values for nature sustainability: Ecological wisdom in novels by Indonesian womenOpen Access Sultan, Anshari 2021 International Journal of Literary Humanities19(1), pp. 129-144  
5 Re-Interpretation of Mañjuśrī in Central and East Java Pullen, Lesley 2021 Humaniora33(2), pp. 157-168 1
  A Buddhist Bhairava? Krtanagara's Tantric Buddhism in Transregional PerspectiveOpen Access Acri, A., Wenta, A. 2022 Entangled Religions13(7)  
6 A power approach and the coronavirus pandemic in Yogyakarta Semedi, Pujo 2021 Humaniora33(1), pp. 1-16 1
  The flexibility and adaptation strategy of local filmmakers amid the pandemic: Opportunity and threat Suwarto, D.H., Kulau, F. 2022 Empedocles13(1), pp. 41-58  
7 Ethnicity situation and intolerant attitudes in multicultural societies in Medan City Damanik, Erond L. 2020 Humaniora32(1), pp. 39-50 6
  Alignment: Conflict Resolution through Sulang-Silima among Pakpaknese, Indonesia Damanik, E.L., Ndona, Y. 2022 Asian Journal of Social Science50(2), pp. 96-103  
  Huagong Life and Labour Under the “Coolie System” Benton, G. 2022 Palgrave Macmillan Transnational History Seriespp. 247-343  
  Ahap: Keywords for Social Tolerance in the Pluralistic Environment of Pamatangsiantar CityOpen Access Damanik, E.L. 2022 International Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies17(2), pp. 1-21  
  Revelation is a symbol: Anti-radicalism of pluri-religious communities according to Jaspers in the context of indonesia Damanik, E.L., Ndona, Y. 2020 International Journal of Criminology and Sociology9, pp. 587-603  
  The Effects of Positive Parenting toward Intolerance in Pre-School ChildrenOpen Access Latipah, E., Kistoro, H.C.A., Putranta, H. 2020 International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education12(2), pp. 137-146  
  Identity-Based Administrative Involution in Indonesia: How Political Actors and Community Figures Do It?Open Access Damanik, E.L. 2020 SAGE Open10(4)  
8 The representation of Sasak society in the text “Gugur Mayang” Satrya, D., Muttaqin, Z. 2020 Humaniora32(1), pp. 88-93 1
  Cilokaq song lyrics of Sasak ethnic: Do they still express the same contents like the previous ones nowadays?Open Access Nuriadi, Melani, B.Z. 2022 Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences43(4), pp. 975-982  
9 Determinants of teachers' job satisfaction: school culture perspective Abdulahi, B.A. 2020 Humaniora32, pp. 151-162 1
  The principal's role in improving the quality: A concepts framework to developing school cultureOpen Access Sumiran, S., Waston, W., Zamroni, Z., Mahmudah, F.N. 2022 Frontiers in Education7,854463  
10 Media Ethnography in Diasporic Communities Widjanarko, P. 2020 Jurnal Humaniora32(2), pp. 124-134 1
  Examining oilmen's notions of ‘fatherhood masculinity’ as a pathway to understand increased offshore oilfield safety behaviours Adams, N.N. 2022 Safety Science145,105501  
11 Postcolonial discourse in Coogler’s Black Panther: A multimodal critical discourse analysis Tallapessy, A., Wahyuningsih, I., Anjasari, R. A. 2020 Humaniora32(1), pp. 75-87 1
  Using critical discourse analysis to explore an authentic teaching material: A focus on language and powerOpen Access Nasution, S.S., Sukmawati, N.N., Lubis, A.A., Hastomo, T., Sesriyani, L. 2020 Studies in English Language and Education7(2), pp. 527-543  
12 Shifting landscapes: Remapping the writing traditions of Islamic Southeast Asia through digitisation Gallop, A.T. 2020 Humaniora32(2), pp. 97-109 2
  Saving the Nusantara's Ulama Scientific Treasures with DigitizationOpen Access Ahmad, N.F., Hakim, I.I. 2022 E3S Web of Conferences359,05009  
  Digitizing manuscripts into an animated movie as a medium of learning children’s literature in the digital era ( Book Chapter) Yulianeta, Sundusiah, S., Halimah 2021 Literacies, Culture, and Society towards Industrial Revolution 4.0: Reviewing Policies, Expanding Research, Enriching Practices in Asiapp. 275-296  
13 Critical analysis of Javanese epistemology and its relevance to science development in Indonesia Wikandaru, R., Cathrin, S., Satria, E., Rianita, D. 2020 Jurnal Humaniora32(3), pp. 206 1
  Modelling Naïve Bayes for Tembang Macapat ClassificatioOpen Access Wibawa, A.P., Ningtyas, Y., Atmaja, N.H., (...), Dwiyanto, F.A., Nafalski, A. 2022 Harmonia: Journal of Arts Research and Education22(1), pp. 28-36  
14 Understanding Secularism and National Identity in French Political Discourses Firmonasari, Aprilia, Udasmoro, Wening, Mastoyo, Yohanes Tri 2020 Humaniora32(2), pp. 135-150 2
  Stymie patterns: The case of French-language learning in Indonesian universitiesOpen Access Andriani, M., Udasmoro, W., Salsano, R., Hardini, T.I. 2022 Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics12(1), pp. 180-189  
  Hybrid perspectives: Muslim and secular discourses in French politicsOpen Access Firmonasari, A., Udasmoro, W., Salzano, R. 2021 Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies11(2), pp. 299-325  
15 On the Orientalism and Neo-Orientalism in Ayad Akhtar’s Disgraced: Analysis on the Dynamics of Amir and Emily’s Relationship Putri, Alyssa Syahmina, Destari, Herlin Putri Indah 2019 Humaniora31, pp. 282-292 1
  Love jihad in contemporary art in NorwayOpen Access Zorgati, R.J. 2021 Religions12(12),1106  
16 The Connection between Arabic and Western Cultures in the Rise of Populism Manshur, F. M. 2019 Humaniora31(3), pp. 263-273 1
  ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS OF POLISH AND ARAB STUDENTS: CROSS-CULTURAL COMPARATIVE STUDYOpen Access Bernaciak, A., Yamin, M.Z., Rustom, R., Bernaciak, A., Janicka, M. 2022 Ekonomia i Srodowisko81(3), pp. 312-325  
17 Indonesian EFL learners’ critical thinking in reading: Bridging the gap between declarative, procedural and conditional knowledge Mbato, C. L. 2019 Humaniora31(1), pp. 92-101 4
  Exploring the role of translators’ emotion regulation and critical thinking ability in translation performanceOpen Access Cheng, S. 2022 Frontiers in Psychology13,1037829  
  Empowering Pre-service English Teachers' Metacognitive Awareness in Teaching through ReflectionsOpen Access Mbato, C.L., Triprihatmini, V. 2022 European Journal of Educational Research11(4), pp. 2497-2512  
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18 Public Anthropology in the United States and Indonesia Subkhan, I. 2019 Humaniora31(2), pp. 107-117 1
  The “Ontological Turn” in Anthropology: Self-Silencing Irrealism Bråten, E. 2022 Public Anthropologist4(2), pp. 160-183  
19 The Effect of Social Support and Hope on Resilience in Adolescents Hidayat, N., Nurhayati, S. R. 2019 Humaniora10(3), pp. 219 2
  Analysis factors related to prisoner’s resiliency in Rutan Perempuan kelas IIA SurabayaOpen Access Rahmah, C.D., Fitryasari, R., Pradanie, R. 2022 Jurnal Ners17(2), pp. 190-195  
  An integrative review of resilience among nursing students in the context of nursing education Aryuwat, P., Asp, M., Lövenmark, A., Radabutr, M., Holmgren, J. 2022 Nursing Open  
20 The Inclusive education for deaf children in primary, secondary and preparatory schools in gondar, Ethiopia Tedla, T., Negassa, D. 2019 Humaniora31(2), pp. 177-187 2
  COVID-19 and social policy in contexts of existing inequality: experiences of youth with disabilities in Ethiopia and JordanOpen Access Pincock, K., Jones, N., Baniodeh, K., (...), Workneh, F., Yadete, W. 2022 Disability and Society  
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21 An introduction to the police procedural: A subgenre of the detective genre Primasita, F. A., Ahimsa-Putra, H. S. 2019 Humaniora31(1), pp. 33-40 1
  That’s Disgusting! Why Disgust Increases Enjoyment of Crime Dramas Wardley, M. 2022 Psychology of Popular Media11(4), pp. 395-401  
22 We Believe in Democracy…:’ Epistemic Modality in Justin Trudeau's Political Speeches Hardjanto, T., Mazia, N. 2019 Humaniora31(2), pp. 130-141 1
  “Brexit Means Brexit!”: Investigating the Production of Social Phenomena in Political DiscoursesOpen Access Meyenburg, I. 2022 Symbolic Interaction45(4), pp. 570-595  
23 Ideological struggles and identity construction within the politics of French linguistics in Indonesia Andriani, M., Udasmoro, W., Suhandano, S. 2019 Humaniora31(1), pp. 73-80 1
  Stymie patterns: The case of French-language learning in Indonesian universitiesOpen Access Andriani, M., Udasmoro, W., Salsano, R., Hardini, T.I. 2022 Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics12(1), pp. 180-189  
24 The construction of Kekeluargaan as Indonesia’s organizational culture Hermawan, M.S., Loo, M.K. 2019 Jurnal Humaniora31(1), pp. 1-13 3
  Organizational culture as a mediator of credible leadership influence on work engagement: empirical studies in private hospitals in East Java, IndonesiaOpen Access Srimulyani, V.A., Hermanto, Y.B. 2022 Humanities and Social Sciences Communications9(1),274  
  Factors identifying musician entrepreneurship in a less-developed country: a case of Indonesia's independent musician Hermawan, M.S., Abiyusuf, B. 2022 Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies14(6), pp. 1033-1053  
  Factors identifying musician entrepreneurship in a less-developed country: a case of Indonesia's independent musician Hermawan, M.S., Abiyusuf, B. 2022 Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies14(6), pp. 1033-1053  
25 Innatist and Interactionist Learning Approaches of Elementary School Students’ Language Acquisition Mulyani, P. K. 2019 Humaniora31(1), pp. 14 1
  First Language Acquisition: A Qur’anic and Linguistic Perspective Shariq, M. 2020 TESOL International Journal15(4), pp. 89-101  
26 Undergraduate students’ experiential motives when expressing bajingan as their expletive Sumekto, D. R., Kustinah, K. 2019 Jurnal Humaniora31(1), pp. 41 1
  Investigating swearing motives among student-athletes during attending sports training programs and competitionsOpen Access Setyawati, H., Sumekto, D.R., Rahayu, T. 2022 Cakrawala Pendidikan41(1), pp. 12-89  
27 Translation studies research development in Indonesia Dewi, H. D. 2019 Humaniora31(2), pp. 152-165 1
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28 Hypersemiotics in Printed Commercial Advertising Masrukhi, M. 2019 Humaniora31(2), pp. 199-210 1
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29 A study of dialectology on Javanese "Ngoko" in Banyuwangi, Surabaya, Magetan, and Solo Kartikasari, E., Laksono, K., Savitri, A.D., Suryarini, D.Y. 2018 Humaniora30(2), pp. 128-139 3
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30 Othering and Selfing: Reading Gender Hierarchies and Social Cathegories in Michel Houellebecq’s Novel Soumission Udasmoro, Wening 2018 Humaniora30(1), pp. 1-9 1
  Experiencing literature discourses of Islam through Michel Houellebecq’s soumission Udasmoro, W. 2020 Kritika Kultura2020(35), pp. 72-94  
31 Bride-Wealth: Is There Respect for Women in Manggarai, Eastern Indonesia? LON, YS, WIDYAWATI, F 2018 Jurnal Humaniora30(3), pp. 271 2
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32 Tourist’s perceived risk and image of the destinations prone to natural disasters: The case of Bali and Yogyakarta, Indonesia Rindrasih, E. 2018 Humaniora30(2), pp. 192-203 9
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