Article in Press

The articles served on this page have been all reviewed properly according to the Humaniora standards and policies and are accepted to be published in the upcoming issues. However, the articles have no particular publication date yet, until they are officially published on the website in a complete issue or volume.

Semiotic Landscapes: Scaling Indonesian Multilingualism | Zane Goebel

The Dichotomy of Proliferating Information Technology in Globalization of Education: A Case Study | Sri Herminingrum

Palestine and Israel Representation in the National and International News Media: A Critical Discourse Study | Suwarno & Sahayu

Social Movements Facing Authoritarian-Style Neoliberal Governments: Comparative Positioning Towards Violence in Indonesia and France | Facal & Estrelita

A Critical Analysis of Javanese Epistemology and Its Relevance to Science Development in Indonesia | Wikandaru, et al.

The Rewriting of Mythology (Remythology) and Decolonization in Eka Kurniawan’s Man Tiger  | Annisa Fathonah

Social Entrepreneurship in the Leadership of Grassroots Innovation Movement: A Case Study of Joglo Tani in Yogyakarta  | Setiadi

Wong Ndhuwur, Wong Ngisor: Local Community and Post-disaster Tourism in Kinahrejo | Wiwik Sushartami

The Javanese of Samin People: A Reflection of Ideology and Identity of It’s Speakers | Suhandano