Addition of Sodium Chlorine on culture of Dunaliella tertiolecta ATCC 30929 :Implication on Intracellular Lipid Content

Karseno Karseno(1*), Matsumi Takagi(2), Toshiomi Yoshida(3)

(1) Jenderal Soedirman University
(2) Osaka University
(3) Osaka University
(*) Corresponding Author


The effect of addition sodium chloride (NaC1) on the accumulation intracellular of lipid in Dunaliella cells was investigated. Although initial NaC1 concentration higher than 1.5 M markedly inhibited cell growth, increase of initial NaCI concentration from 0.5 (eq. to sea water) to 1.0 M resulted in a higher intracellular lipid content (67%) in comparison with 60% for the salt concentration of 0.5 M Addition of 0.5 or 1.0 M NaC1 at mid-log phase or the end of log phase during culture with initial NaC1 concentration of 1.0 M further increased the lipid content (70%). Addition of 2.0 M NaC1 decreased final cell concentration to almost half of that without addition, although it resulted in very high lipid content of 77%.

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