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Jurnal Kajian Seni (JKS) is a blind peer-reviewed academic journal that highlights performing arts and visual arts research and scholarship. JKS, a refereed journal of the Graduate School, UGM, published by Study Program Performing and Visual Arts Studies (Pengkajian Seni Pertunjukan dan Seni Rupa), promotes the advancement of scholarly knowledge about performance art and visual art in Indonesia and the world. Jurnal Kajian Seni was established in November 2014 and has been accredited Sinta 4 (process to reaccreditation) by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Indonesian Ministry of Education, with a printed version of ISSN 2356-296X and the online version of ISSN: 2356-3001. JKS also indexed by DOAJ, Garuda, Google Scholar, Worldcat, OneSearch, Crossref, Dimensions, and Leiden Library University.

Jurnal Kajian Seni is a space for art scholars to critically articulate and critically elaborate on issues related to performing arts and visual arts. The journal is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We invite submissions of original articles from a broad spectrum of research areas, inter alia: Performing Arts, Dance Ethnology, Dance Studies, Musicology, Music Studies, Ethnomusicology, Karawitan, Theatre Studies, Performance Studies, Television studies, film studies, Visual Arts, Plastic Art, Design, Installation, Performance art, Arts and Education, Arts and Technology, Arts and Psychology, Arts and Religion, Arts and Tourism, Arts and Management, etc. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research that includes performing arts and visual arts are also absolutely welcomed. The journal publishes scholarly articles, research papers, and findings, artist’s projects, conversational dialogues with prominent artists, as well as reviews of books, recordings, exhibitions, and performances.


Our journal is published twice a year, April and November. If you need a step-by-step tutorial for online submission and our journal template, you can download it on the right sidebar. If you still need assistance with further information, do not hesitate to contact us or contact us via Whatsapp (just click icon below).

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Vol 8, No 2 (2022): Jurnal Kajian Seni Vol 8 No 2 April 2022

Table of Contents


Kartini Ruth Maduma Manalu, G. R. Lono Lastoro Simatupang, Nyak Ina Raseuki
10.22146/jksks.73079 Abstract views : 994 | views : 1018
Elizabeth Suryani Ongko, Warih Handayaningrum, Eko W. Rahayu
10.22146/jksks.71109 Abstract views : 697 | views : 600
Benny Yohanes Timmerman
10.22146/jksks.73412 Abstract views : 655 | views : 569
Kurnia Budiarti Kusuma, Vissia Ita Yulianto, Martinus Dwi Marianto
10.22146/jksks.65009 Abstract views : 551 | views : 439
Naufal Anggito Yudhistira
10.22146/jksks.71475 Abstract views : 630 | views : 516
Achmad Ari Fathoni, Swastika Dhesti Anggriani, Lilik Indrawati
10.22146/jksks.73636 Abstract views : 758 | views : 882
Nanang Setiyoko
10.22146/jksks.73000 Abstract views : 921 | views : 642