Aims and Scope

Jurnal psikologi is changing its aim and scope. Manuscripts submitted on and after May 2024 will have to conform to this change, and will be fully reflected on our August 2024 issue.  

Jurnal psikologi aims to be a leading platform for the dissemination and discussion of pioneering research in the psychology of Indonesians. Our mission is to advance understanding of the psychological underpinnings of behaviour, cognition, and emotion within the Indonesian context, providing insights into the unique ways through which cultural, social, environmental and technological influences shape the Indonesian psyche. By fostering a deep understanding of these dynamics, we aspire to contribute to the global psychological discourse, highlighting the unique psychological landscape of Indonesia.

The journal welcomes original research and review articles that explore the breadth and depth of psychology as it pertains to the Indonesian population. We are particularly interested in submissions in the following areas:

Psychology of the Indonesian people: Studies focusing on the cognitive, affective, and behavioural aspects of the Indonesian population, including research on personality, mental health, well-being, and psychological adaptation.

Culture and psychology in Indonesia: Investigations into how Indonesian culture, traditions, and social norms influence and are influenced by psychological processes and outcomes. This includes studies on cultural identity, intergenerational transmission of cultural values, and the psychological impacts of cultural change.

Environmental, technological, and digital influences: Research on how environmental changes, such as migration (forced or voluntary) and environmental disruption, and the proliferation of technology (especially digital technologies) are (re)shaping the psychological landscape of Indonesia. This encompasses studies on the impact of technology, including digital media, on behaviour, cognition, and social interaction among Indonesians.

Neuroscience and cognition: Contributions that explore the neuroscientific basis of behaviour, cognition, and emotion within the Indonesian context. This includes neuroimaging studies, cognitive neuroscience research, and investigations into the neural correlates of psychological phenomena.

Sociocultural dynamics and psychological diversity: Papers that examine the psychological implications of Indonesia's diverse sociocultural context, including studies on ethnic diversity, social inequalities, and the psychological aspects of Indonesia's growing young and elderly population.

While our primary focus is on human behaviour, we welcome interdisciplinary work that bridges psychology with other fields such as anthropology, sociology, environmental science, and digital humanities, provided these studies offer significant insights into the psychological aspects of Indonesian life.