Journal History

Jurnal Psikologi was born under the initiative of the late Prof. Dr. Masrun, M.A., and Prof. Dr. Sutrisno Hadi, M.A. , both of whom are lecturers from the Faculty of Psychology. Initially, the idea to accommodate scientific research articles in Jurnal Psikologi was initiated by the discovery of a large amount of unpublished scientific articles by lecturers from the faculty of psychology.

The publication of the first issue in 1970 marked the milestone for Jurnal Psikologi. The initial editorial team consisted of the late Prof. Dr. Masrun, M.A. (chairman), The late Drs. Hasan Basri (secretary), The late Prof. Drs. Sutrisno Hadi, M.A., The late Prof. Drs. Radio Putra, The late Drs. Soemadi Suryabrata, The late Prof. Dr. Siti Meichati, M.A., The late Prof. Dr. Siti Rahayu Haditono, The late Prof. Dr. Sri Mulyani Martaniah, M.A., The late Prof. Dr. Sri rahayu Partosuwido, Dr. Marcham Darokah, M.A, and Prof. Dr. Bimo Walgito. Meanwhile, the editorial team regularly changes to accommodate the increasing demands of the publication.

At the time, most of the manuscripts were written by Psychology lecturers to disseminate research and community service programs. Since then, it has grown to publish scientific articles by alumni, authors from other universities, and other professionals in the field of psychology tri-annually a year (i.e., April, August, & December). The current chairman of Jurnal Psikologi is Prof. Subandi, M.A., Ph.D., with a team that consists of Dr. Neila Ramdhani, M.Si., M.Ed., Prof. Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti, MMEdSc., Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Faturochman, M.A., Galang Lufityanto, M.Psi., Ph.D., Prof. Rozainee Khairudin, Ph.D., Dian Nasrah Marissa, M.A., Ph.D., Prof. Theo Bouman, Ph.D., Prof. Harry Minas, Ph.D., Prof. Evelin Witruk, Ph.D., Erminia Colucci, Ph.D., Hans Pols, Ph.D., and Prof. Rolf Steyer, Ph.D., Dr. Uichol Kim, Prof. Byron J. Good, and Prof. Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good. Editorial Board Members have been working with the faculty of psychology from 2007 until now, including research development, community research, and publication. By the decision of Ministry of Higher Education, Jurnal Psikologi has been registered with ISSN 2460-867X (online) and 0215-8884 (print). Additionally, it has also been accreditated with Sinta 2.

Jurnal Psikologi is currently indexed by both national and international indexer institutions such as: DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal - International), Google Scholar (International), Science and Technology Index (SINTA - National), Indonesian Publication Index (IPI - National), Indonesia One Search (National), and other citation databases of peer-reviewed scientific literature. Starting from December 2017, Jurnal Psikologi is also indexed by the Asean Citation Index ACI). ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) is a central regional database designed and set up to index all bibliographic records and citations of all quality ASEAN research outputs appeared in the ASEAN scholarly journals.