Synthesis, Thermal, DFT Calculations, HOMO-LUMO, MEP, and Molecular Docking Analysis of New Derivatives of Imidazolin-4-Ones

Khedidja Merdja(1), Choukry Kamel Bendeddouche(2), Mokhtaria Drissi(3), Farah Chafika Kaouche(4), Nassima Medjahed(5), José Manuel Padrón(6), Mansour Debdab(7*), Mustapha Rahmouni(8), El Habib Belarbi(9)

(1) Laboratory of Applied Organic Synthesis, Faculty of Exact and Applied Sciences, University Oran1 Ahmed Ben Bella, El M’Naouer, Oran 31000, Algeria; Laboratory of Synthesis and Catalysis (LSCT), Faculty of Materials Sciences, University Ibn Khaldoun-Tiaret, Tiaret 14000, Algeria
(2) Laboratory of Applied Organic Synthesis, Faculty of Exact and Applied Sciences, University Oran1 Ahmed Ben Bella, El M’Naouer, Oran 31000, Algeria
(3) Laboratory of Synthesis and Catalysis (LSCT), Faculty of Materials Sciences, University Ibn Khaldoun-Tiaret, Tiaret 14000, Algeria
(4) Laboratory of Synthesis and Catalysis (LSCT), Faculty of Materials Sciences, University Ibn Khaldoun-Tiaret, Tiaret 14000, Algeria
(5) Laboratoire de Catalyse et Synthèse en Chimie Organique, Faculté des Sciences, Université de Tlemcen, Tlemcen 13000, Algeria; Faculté des Sciences et de la Technologie, Université d’Ain Témouchent, Ain Témouchent 46000, Algeria
(6) BioLab, Instituto Universitario de Bio-Organica “Antonio González”, Universidad de La Laguna, La Laguna 38200, Spain
(7) Laboratory of Synthesis and Catalysis (LSCT), Faculty of Materials Sciences, University Ibn Khaldoun-Tiaret, Tiaret 14000, Algeria
(8) Laboratory of Synthesis and Catalysis (LSCT), Faculty of Materials Sciences, University Ibn Khaldoun-Tiaret, Tiaret 14000, Algeria
(9) Laboratory of Synthesis and Catalysis (LSCT), Faculty of Materials Sciences, University Ibn Khaldoun-Tiaret, Tiaret 14000, Algeria
(*) Corresponding Author


This work focuses on synthesizing new imidazolin-4-one derivatives (2a-c), akin to leucettamine B analogs, via microwave-assisted transamination reactions. This reaction was carried out between 3-alkyl-5-dimethylamino-2-thioxo-imidazolidin-4-one (1a-c) and aniline. The structural integrity of the synthesized compounds was confirmed using NMR and MS spectroscopy, and their configurations were validated through DFT calculations. Analyses encompassed molecular electrostatic potential, frontier molecular orbitals, HOMO-LUMO energies, energy band gap, and global chemical reactivity descriptors, providing comprehensive insights into their characteristics. The investigation extended to the biological domain, employing substance activity spectra prediction (PASS) and molecular docking with Autodock Vina4 program. Notably, this holistic assessment aimed to gauge the potential regulatory effect of the compounds on cholesterol. This integrated approach contributes to compound design understanding and potential applications, spanning drug design and broader biomedical contexts.


DFT calculations; imidazolin-4-ones derivatives; HOMO-LUMO energies; microwave irradiation; molecular docking


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