Synthesis, Properties, and Function of Self-Healing Polymer-Based on Eugenol

Erwin Abdul Rahim(1*)

(1) Department of Chemistry, Tadulako University, Jl. Sukarno-Hatta Km 9, Palu 94148, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Eugenol-based self-healing polymers were synthesized in a very short time of 94–159 s. Polymerization of eugenol catalyzed by H2SO4-CH3COOH yielded the corresponding self-healing polymers in quantitative yields in the range of molecular weight (5.18–15.10) × 105 g/mol. The polymer exhibited self-healing behavior at room temperature due to hydrogen bonds between the hydroxyl groups of polyeugenol and the hydroxyl groups of sulfuric acid. This material can function as a polyelectrolyte and a novel self-healing catalyst for biodiesel production.


self-healing polymer; eugenol; catalyst; biodiesel production

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