Nurul Hidayat Aprilita(1*), Rania Bakry(2), Christian W Huck(3), Guenther K Bonn(4)

(1) Chemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Gadjah Mada University,
(2) Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry, University of Innsbruck,
(3) Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry, University of Innsbruck,
(4) Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry, University of Innsbruck,
(*) Corresponding Author


Poly(styrene/divinylbenzene) (PS/DVB) monolithic disk was prepared by in situ free-radical copolymerization of styrene and divinylbenzene in the presence of decanol and tetrahydrofuran as porogens. PS/DVB monolithic disks were produced in two different lengths 1.5 mm and 3 mm. The disks were used in reversed phase chromatography of proteins with 0.2 % trifuoroacetic acid (TFA) and 0.2 % TFA in acetonitrile as mobile phase A and B, respectively. The effect of gradient rate, flow rate, temperature and disk length on the separation of proteins were also studied. PS/DVB monolithic disks allow the rapid separation of proteins in reversed phase chromatography.


monolithic disk; poly(styrene/divinylbenzene); proteins

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