Focus and Scope

Starting from our June 2024 issue, Jurnal Mimbar Hukum is interested in submissions focusing on the dialectics in theory and philosophy of law. There shall be a strong emphasis on the critical analysis of the principles, theories, and philosophies of law, whether it be manifested in theoretical explorations, evaluating regulations or legal systems, or case studies.

While we accept monodisciplinary research in law, we also highly encourage multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research as long as a strong variable in the research is still a law analysis as per the scope and focus explained above.

Manuscripts submitted on and after 15 February 2023 will have to conform to this new scope and focus. Meanwhile, submissions before 15 February 2023 may conform to the previous scope and focus i.e. any subject of law, whether monodisciplinary, interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary.