Majalah Geografi Indonesia

Majalah Geografi Indonesia ISSN  0215-1790 (print) ISSN 2540-945X (online) is a national journal in Indonesia published by the Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada in collaboration with The Indonesian Geographers Association, concerned with environmental issues, spatial-temporal issue, also regional issues which release twice a year in March and September. In 2021, the acceptance rate was 63%; the days to the first decision were 118 days, and the days to publication were 224 days. For more detail about Review and Article Publication Time, please check the menu About - Statistik

Majalah Geografi Indonesia welcomes authoritative, original, ably illustrated, and well-written manuscripts on any topic of geographical importance related to Indonesian cases as well as other areas on the planet, these include physical geography, development geography, geographic information science, cartography and remote sensing. The Journal publishes Articles, Technical Notes, Rapid Communications, Opinion Papers, Comments/Responses and Corrections.

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Vol 38, No 1 (2024): Majalah Geografi Indonesia

Table of Contents


Heru Hendrayana, Indra Agus Riyanto, Azmin Nuha
10.22146/mgi.89369 Abstract views : 1776 | views : 1485
Erisa Ayu Waspadi Putri, Projo Danoedoro, Nur Mohammad Farda
10.22146/mgi.81374 Abstract views : 1497 | views : 1535
Fahrudi Ahwan Ikhsan, Sugeng Utaya, Syamsul Bachri, Agus Sugiarto, Andri Estining Sejati
10.22146/mgi.85222 Abstract views : 2171 | views : 2194
Muhammad Arif Fahrudin Alfana, Agus Joko Pitoyo, Umi Listyaningsih, Yosi Yaseva, Mirza Yushafira
10.22146/mgi.84531 Abstract views : 1443 | views : 3106
Dewi Gafuraningtyas, Nurasih Setiatin, Tommy Anggrivianto
10.22146/mgi.84620 Abstract views : 1155 | views : 1378
Nur Rahmatul Azizah, Ahmad Ilham Romadhoni, Arum Baktiani Nurhaliza, Dyah Rizky Rahmawati, Febrina Ananda Putri, Puspita Melati Putri, Putri Salsabilla Wahyu Ramadhani, Raden Abhimanyu Nugroho Mukti, Uswarini Noor Izati, Yusron Ikhlassul Amal, Erlis Saputra, Suryo Sakti Hadiwijoyo
10.22146/mgi.86252 Abstract views : 781 | views : 624
Adji Saiddinullah, Erlis Saputra
10.22146/mgi.86914 Abstract views : 1375 | views : 1344
Ponco Agung Wibowo, Anis Kurniasih, Tjoek Aziz Suprapto, Kresna Tri Dewi
10.22146/mgi.89541 Abstract views : 1000 | views : 983
Sulistiani Sulistiani, I Putu Santikayasa, Muh Taufik, Rachmat Fajar Lubis
10.22146/mgi.89966 Abstract views : 1519 | views : 899