Jurnal Perlindungan Tanaman Indonesia

Jurnal Perlindungan Tanaman Indonesia with registered number ISSN 1410-1637 (print) dan ISSN 2548-4788 (online) is a scientific journal that publishes full-fledged research, short notes, reviews of scientific works, and other scientific features relevant to plant protection discipline.

This journal is originally published by Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta in collaboration with Indonesian Entomological Society (Perhimpunan Entomologi Indonesia, PEI) and Indonesian Phytopathological Society (Perhimpunan Fitopatologi Indonesia, PFI)

Jurnal Perlindungan Tanaman Indonesia publishes semi-annually, i.e. July and December.

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Contributor’s Fee for 2019


The editor’s board had decided in its meeting of December 20th, 2018 that a new contributor’s fee will be in effect as of January 15th, 2019. For each title of an accepted manuscript, the publication fee to be paid is IDR 1,500,000 

Posted: 2019-01-21

Jurnal Perlindungan Tanaman Indonesia has been indexed on DOAJ


Jurnal Perlindungan Tanaman Indonesia has been indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) effective July 3rd, 2017

Posted: 2017-08-30

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The purchase of Jurnal Perlindungan Tanama Indonesia is served in the secretarial office of the journal, 3rd floor A2 building southern wing of Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta. For out of town purchasers/subscribers, please fill in here or download the subscribing/purchasing form here. The form should then be sent to either of these emails: jpti@faperta.ugm.ac.id or jptiugm8@gmail.com
Posted: 2017-02-08
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Vol 23, No 1 (2019): In Press

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Nurul Novianti Puspitaningtyas, Damayanti Buchori, Ihsan Nurkomar
10.22146/jpti.27012 Abstract views : 138 | views : 88
Yusmani Prayogo, Marida Santi Yudha Ika Bayu
10.22146/jpti.32752 Abstract views : 95 | views : 22
Fitri Widiantini, Avissa Ayuningdiyas, Endah Yulia, Tarkus Suganda
10.22146/jpti.34912 Abstract views : 191 | views : 29
Muhamad Lutfi, Purnama Hidayat, Nina Maryana
10.22146/jpti.34498 Abstract views : 134 | views : 25
Marheni Sembiring, Yunda Gusriani
10.22146/jpti.33912 Abstract views : 81 | views : 16
Muhammad Iqbal Tawakkal, Damayanti Buchori, Akhmad Rizali, Adha Sari, Pudjianto Pudjianto
10.22146/jpti.31232 Abstract views : 128 | views : 52
Sri Hartati, Suryo Wiyono, Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat, Meity Suradji Sinaga
10.22146/jpti.40951 Abstract views : 167 | views : 72
Dewa Gede Wiryangga Selangga, Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat, Anas Dinurrohman Susila, Suryo Wiyono
10.22146/jpti.38951 Abstract views : 182 | views : 36
Isna Maulida, Rudi Hari Murti, Triwidodo Arwiyanto
10.22146/jpti.35464 Abstract views : 97 | views : 36
Nike Grace Hanjelina Sinulingga, Y. Andi Trisyono, Edhi Martono, Buyung Hadi
10.22146/jpti.28536 Abstract views : 118 | views : 34
Astuti Handayani, Fransiscus Xaverius Wagiman, Siwi Indarti, Suputa Suputa
10.22146/jpti.25885 Abstract views : 142 | views : 31
Andriarti Kusumawardani, Edhi Martono, Y. Andi Trisyono, Nugroho Susetya Putra
10.22146/jpti.32098 Abstract views : 61 | views : 39
Hartono Hartono, Arif Wibowo, Achmadi Priyatmojo
10.22146/jpti.31623 Abstract views : 102 | views : 37
Liza Octriana, Nugroho Susetya Putra, Suputa Suputa
10.22146/jpti.29656 Abstract views : 67 | views : 23
Selvi Helina, Sri Sulandari, Sedyo Hartono, Y. Andi Trisyono
10.22146/jpti.36549 Abstract views : 131 | views : 36
Novira Maya Sari, Arman Wijonarko, FX Wagiman
10.22146/jpti.38118 Abstract views : 64 | views : 17
Hendra Hendra, Arif Wibowo, Suryanti Suryanti
10.22146/jpti.41512 Abstract views : 66 | views : 33
Retno Wikan Tyasningsiwi, Witjaksono Witjaksono, Siwi Indarti
10.22146/jpti.35954 Abstract views : 81 | views : 26
Saurma Mona Astrid Sibarani, Tri Joko, Siti Subandiyah
10.22146/jpti.38320 Abstract views : 111 | views : 37

Short Note

Y. Andi Trisyono, Suputa Suputa, Valentina Erline Febry Aryuwandari, Maman Hartaman, Jumari Jumari
10.22146/jpti.46455 Abstract views : 910 | views : 94


Christanti Sumardiyono
Abstract views : 64