Gadjah Mada Journal of Professional Psychology (GamaJPP)

Vol 10, No 1 (2024)



GamaJPP kembali dengan lokakarya penulisan! Bergabunglah dalam lokakarya penulisan kami yang akan mengupas tuntas strategi menulis karya ilmiah berdasarkan praktik yang dilakukan oleh para psikolog atau praktisi psikologi hingga siap diterbitkan di jurnal ilmiah

Posted: 2024-07-03

Are you planning to publish your article in the application of psychology or do you have any articles about topics above? If your answer is yes, Gadjah Mada Journal of Professional Psychology is now welcoming high quality papers to be published in the next issue, May and October 2023.

GamaJPP has been accredited SINTA 3 and indexed in EBSCO. Go check the submission guidelines on (Instruction for Author).


Posted: 2023-03-16

 Authors are invited to submit electronically should follow the format available on the author guideline.

Posted: 2022-12-09
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Gadjah Mada Journal of Professional Psychology (GamaJPP) is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication issued by the Faculty of Psychology of UGM. It disseminates research reports on intervention strategies, contributing to the evolution of psychology as a scientific discipline in diverse settings. GamaJPP is a biannual publication released in May and October, accepting articles in Bahasa Indonesia and English. It is a prerequisite that the manuscripts are original and are not published elsewhere.

GamaJPP is dedicated to publishing articles exploring the application of psychology, including the scientific foundations of the psychology profession. All articles should explicitly state the implications for practicing psychologists, preferably in the abstract and discussion sections. 

The journal welcomes a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Activities related to psychological practice or common professional activities of psychologists, such as assessment, therapy, supervision, consultation, research, advocacy, etc.

  • Comprehensive literature reviews on research concerning specific psychological disorders or life challenges, specifically written to highlight implications for prevention, assessment, or intervention.

  • Research and theories on legal, ethical, or public policy issues impacting the practice of psychology.

  • Progress in applications from various fields like health psychology, community psychology, diversity in a broad sense, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, family psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, I/O psychology, and other general and specialty areas.

  • Evidence-based practice, standards of professional practice, and service delivery in various contexts—industries, institutions, education, and other organizations.

The journal is committed to publishing top-tier qualitative and quantitative research.

Gadjah Mada Journal of Professional Psychology (GamaJPP) has been accredited by the National Journal Accreditation (ARJUNA) and Managed by the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency of the Republic Indonesia with Third Grade (Sinta 3) for the year 2022 to 2026 according to the decree No. 25/E/KPT/2022.

e-ISSN 2407-7801

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