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Use Arial font for the text with one spacing between lines. Left indent 0.5cm. Maximum 300 words.

Keywords: use Arial font; lower case; write alphabetically in 3-5 words.



Use bold Time new roman, uppercase with spacing to the body text. Use Time New Roman for body of the text with two spacing between lines, 0 pt spacing between paragraph and 0 pt spacing for the next heading. To set the style, use this template and follow the instructions.

Style and Formatting

This template already set the style and formatting for the article. You can use those styles.

Equation or Formula

Equation or Formula should be type with indent and numbered consecutively starting with (1) set flush right.

                y = ax + b(1)

Section and Sub-section Title

Type Heading 1 for section title, Heading 2 for sub section title, and Heading 3 for sub sub-section title.

Figures and Tables

All figures and tables should be centered and numbered consecutively. Maximal table and figure 7.










FIGURE1. Type Figure in style box in lower case.


TABLE1. The hemoglobin level of rat in 3 measurements

No of rat 1st 2nd 3rd
1 12.6 13.4 13.1
2 13.2 13.1 13.0
3 12.7 12.8 12.9
4 12.9 12.8 12.8
5 13.5 13.4 13.4



Maximum length of article is 20 pages including all pictures, tables, references, etc.




Within the text, references should be cited by giving last name of the author(s) and the order number in the reference as:

Barocelli et al.1 has studied ….

...... the resulting equation is2:

            y = ax + b(2)       (2)


Examples of references:

  1. Harry AG, Robert EF, Andy G. Title of article. Name of Journal (in abbreviation) 2013; 8(4):20-25. (Standard journal article)
  2. Harry AG, Robert EF, Andy G.  Title of book, 2nd ed., City: Publisher, 2013. (Book with personal author(s))
  3. Harry AG, Robert EF, Andy G, editors. Title of Book. City: Publisher, 2013. (Book with editor(s) as author)
  4. Indonesian Pharmacological Association. Title of Book. City: Publisher, 2013. (Book with organization(s) as author)
  5. Andy G. Title of article. In: Harry AG, Robert EF, Alex DG, editors.  Title of Book. City: Publisher, 2013. (Chapter in book)
  6. Andy G. Title of article. In: Harry AG, Robert EF, Alex DG, editors. Name of Proceeding, 2013, 06-09 January, City. City: Publisher, 2013, 20-25. (Conference Proceedings)
  7. Andy G. Title of thesis or dissertation [Thesis or Dissertation]. Yogyakarta: Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2013. (Thesis or Dissertation)
  8. Name of the author(s).  Title of Article. Organization, URL://, (1 August 2013). (URL Link)