Journal History

Agroindustrial Journal (AIJ) is a scientific journal published by the Department of Agro-industrial Technology Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in collaboration with Perkumpulan Profesi Teknologi Agroindustri (APTA). “Agroindustrial Journal” publishes research in agroindustrial systems engineering, technology, and management. The subject matter in “Agroindustrial Journal” reflects the specific range and interdisciplinary nature of research in agro-industrial technology.

The first edition of Agroindustrial Journal (Volume 1) was published in 2012, which was only published once a year. However, starting in 2019 (Volume 6), Agroindustrial Journal regularly publishes twice a year in June and December. The articles published in Volume 1 No. 1 (2012) and forward have been assigned the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number. Additionally, starting from Volume 8 No. 2, Agroindustrial Journal has changed its paper template from two columns to one column. Since 2023, there has been a change of Associate Editors and a change of journal cover in Volume 10 No. 1.

In addition, based on decision No. 0005.077/JI.3.2/SK.ISSN/2012.09 on September 13th, 2012, Agroindustrial Journal has been registered with ISSN 2302-3848 (online), starting with articles included in Volume 1 No. 2. Recently, Agroindustrial Journal has been indexed by Dimensions (International), Science and Technology Index (SINTA - National), and Garba Rujukan Digital (Garuda - National).