FILSAFAT ILMU SOSIAL PERSPEKTIF PANCASILAISME (Refleksi Kritis atas Konsep Filsafat Ilmu Ekonomi Pancasila Mubyarto)

Heri Santoso(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


The Economics philosophy of Pancasila was born as criticism of crisis occurred in neoclassical economics in Indonesia. Mubyarto identify the neoclassical economics crisis of historical, sociological, metaphysics, epistemological, and axiological
dimension. Mubyarto offers the Economics philosophy of Pancasila as a solution by offering approach which more considering the sociological and historical dimension of Indonesian plurality. The economics philosophical assumptions must be relied on the philosophy and ideology of Pancasila, not based on liberal ideology.
Although there are still any pro and contra opinion about the Economics philosophy of Pancasila, we can say that Mubyarto
has succeeded to show the data and fact, identify causes of the
Indonesian economics crisis, offer a solution for social science
crisis in Indonesia by the Economics philosophy of Pancasila. In
the other side, Mubyarto’s Economics philosophy of Pancasila
faces obstacles, such as the lack of adequate response of other
economic scientists, and no economics theory that is really constructed appropriates with the Indonesian socio-cultural condition.
Keyword: Mubyarto, philosophy, social science, economics,

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