Welcome to the first issue of the South East Asian Journal of Advanced Law and Governance (SEAJ ALGOV). This journal aims to be a prominent medium of discussion among scholars in the region to discuss Law and Governance in broader contexts.

As can be seen, the discussions provided in this issue are about Law and Technology, Law and Politics, and Law and Human Rights. This issue also embraces the debate on challenges or obstacles faced by the administration and the judiciary in contemporary situations such as COVID-19 or legal policy driven by the various vested interests, i.e. emphasising effectiveness but reducing the carefulness and legal certainty.

Most of the objects discussed in the current issue are concentrated in Indonesia. Nonetheless, it is believed that in the shortcoming period, this journal will receive articles discussing other countries in the region. We therefore again invite the readers to submit their articles to the future issue at SEAJ ALGOV.

Published: 2024-04-30