Focus and Scope

Berita Kedokteran Masyarakat (BKM Public Health and Community Medicine) is a peer-reviewed and open access journal that deals with the fields of public health and public medicine. The topics of the article will be grouped according to the main message of the author. This focus covers areas and scope related to aspects of :

- Epidemiology
- Infectious diseases control
- Clinical Epidemiology
- Environmental Health
- Occupational Health
- Healthy City
- Public Health and Primary Health Care
- School of Health Promotion
- Healthy lifestyles- Health promotion
- Health and Social Behavior
- Tobacco and smoking
- Adolescent Health
- Public Health Nutrition
- Maternal and Child Health
- Reproductive Health
- Population Health
- Health of Vulnerable People
- Social Determinants of Health
- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
- Human Resource Management.

We prioritize receiving articles originating from experience in activities in the Ministry of Health, the health department, local government, Puskesmas (primary healthcare) and other health service facilities, non-governmental organizations, private institutions, and related village communities that need to be improved in public health and make changes so that the status the health of the population for the better.

BKM will only accept manuscripts which fulfill the following criteria:
1. The manuscript serves the foundation for future researchers and scientists on their special public health interests.
2. The manuscript focus on both researchers and public health practitioners and policymakers in any governmental bodies, private sectors, and other social institutions.
3. The manuscript has an introduction section that reviews 10-20 articles from relevant public health fields national and/or international community medicine and/or public health journals.
4. The manuscript includes public health subjects (such as epidemiology, environmental health, occupational health, social health, health policy, public health information system, health promotion, public health nutrition, maternal and child health, or other subject areas beneficial for the improvement of public health in the workplace, community, or wider populations).