Vol 9, No 1 (2019)


Some articles in this issue have been accepted for publication in Jurnal Teknosains but have not yet been published online (author(s), metadata, and article in pdf still in progress).

Table of Contents


Gartika Setiya Nugraha, Marwan Marwan, Akmal Muhni
10.22146/teknosains.34368 Abstract views : 779
Grahita Aditya
10.22146/teknosains.37727 Abstract views : 313
Subejo PhD
10.22146/teknosains.40604 Abstract views : 288
Feby Artwodini Muqtadiroh, Amna Shifia Nisafani
10.22146/teknosains.36411 Abstract views : 200
Rifda Ilahy Rosihan
10.22146/teknosains.36758 Abstract views : 416
dimas deworo puruhito
10.22146/teknosains.38914 Abstract views : 169
Muhammad Naufal, Lestari Rahayu Waluyati, Dwidjono Hadi Darwanto
10.22146/teknosains.38976 Abstract views : 240