Vol 8, No 2 (2019)


Some articles in this issue have been accepted for publication in Jurnal Teknosains but have not yet been published online (author(s), metadata, and article in pdf still in progress).

Table of Contents


Laode Muhamad Irsan
10.22146/teknosains.36885 Abstract views : 263
Pebri Prihatmoko
10.22146/teknosains.30958 Abstract views : 150
Yustika Kusumawardani, Widi Astuti
10.22146/teknosains.31917 Abstract views : 295
Riyadi Tri Cahyono, Any Suryantini, Jangkung Handoyo Mulyo
10.22146/teknosains.38737 Abstract views : 197
Dr.Sc. Amir Husni
10.22146/teknosains.37406 Abstract views : 195
Rizki Purnaini, sudarmadji sudarmadji, Suryo Purwono
10.22146/teknosains.34921 Abstract views : 134
Aidi Darmansyah, Sudaryono Sudaryono, Deva Fosterharoldas Swasto
10.22146/teknosains.37731 Abstract views : 187