Call For Papers: Rubikon Volume 11 (2024)

Globalization results in awe and concern. Many people cheer the rise of globalization, but at the same time, many others are worried about the existence of their local identity. Easy and open access to information, transportation, and migration allow crisscrossing influences that may threaten the uniqueness of local identities. Globalization thus offers an important opening for scholarly intervention in the transnational fields of American Studies scholars.

Sub Themes:

  1. Globalization and Cultural Hibridity
  2. Postcoloniality
  3. Cultural Hegemony
  4. Culture, Identity, and New Media
  5. Cosmopolitanism
  6. Culinary and Global World
  7. Religion and Ideology for Global Citizen
  8. Ethnic and Ethnicity in Borderless Society
  9. Sense of Belonging in Global World
  10. Teaching and Education in Changing World

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