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Author Guidelines

The editor of Rubikon Journal welcomes article submissions in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Articles have not been published or accepted for publication, or are being considered for publication elsewhere. In addition to the manuscript, a written statement should be attached which clarifies that the article is original and does not contain any elements of plagiarism.

2. Types of article suitable for publication include the following; research report (laboratory, field, archives), conceptual ideas, studies, theory applications.

3. Articles are written in Indonesian or English (preferable) using academic language along with standard academic writing structure and composition. Manuscripts are typed 1,15 spaced in a quarto paper size (A4), between 6000-7000 words in length including references, pictures, and tables.

4. Article should be in essay from which includes:

  • title (15-20 words),
  • author’s name (without academic degree) with an e-mail address and institution’s name,
  • abstract in English  (150-200 words for each) which includes research problem, methods and result,
  • keyword in English (5-7 words),
  • author’s personal information and e-mail address,
  • introduction (without subsection, 2-3 pages) which includes background, objectives, methods, and literature reviews/theoretical construct (if needed) of research. The introduction section ends with an emphasis on items to be discussed,
  • discussion,
  • conclusion, and
  • references.

5. Another suitable type of article is book review. Please note the following requirements for submitting book reviews:

  • book being reviewed should be newly published (within the last one year for books in Indonesian and two years for books in other foreign languages),
  • book reviews should be typed between 2000-4000 words in length including references, pictures, etc., and
  • a copy/scan of the book cover should be attached.
6. Reference list format is based APA (American Psychological Association) style. Reference list should appear at the end of the article and includes only literatures actually cited in the manuscripts. References are ordered alphabetically and chronologically. When writing a reference list, please use the following conventions;
  • Azhar & Matsumura, K. (2010). A Study of ‘Kenry’ in Japanese and ‘Hak’ in Indonesian. Jurnal Humaniora, 22, p.22-30.
  • Nur, T. (2008). Verba dalam Bahasa Arab dan Bahasa Indonesia: Studi Gramatika Konstasif. (Unpublished Dissertation). Universitas Gadjah Mada. Yogyakarta
  • Reid, A. (2011). Menuju Sejarah Sumatra: Antara Indonesia dan Dunia. Jakarta: Yayasan Obor.
  • Zachareck, S. (2008). Natural Women. The New York Times. Retrieved from /2008/04/27/books/review/Zachareck
7. The editor appreciates if authors excerpt information from subsequent published articles in Jurnal Rubikon.

8. Articles should be submitted in soft files using Microsoft Word application to

9. Authors will be sent notification of receipt of manuscripts and editorial decisions (whether the articles are accepted or not) by e-mail. Manuscripts that are not published will not be returned to the authors.


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