Journal History

The Jurnal Keperawatan Klinis dan Komunitas (JKKK) was first published in 2017, as a renewal from The Jurnal Ilmu Keperawatan (JIK). JIK’s first issued in 2006, and has been published 4 volumes and 12 issues, on printed journal. Since 2010, JIK has not published any articles.

The Jurnal Keperawatan Klinis dan Komunitas (JKKK) is a peer-reviewed scientific open access journal, published by School of Nursing, three times a year (March, July, and November). JKKK migrated to Open Journal System (OJS) in 2017. By this system, authors have to register, log in, submit, and edit their manuscripts through OJS.

In 2017, JKKK was published 1 volume and 1 issue, contains 8 articles. JKKK was not published in 2018. Starting 2019, JKKK will be catching up the back and current issues which have not been published due to the hiatus time