Jurnal Kebijakan Kesehatan Indonesia : JKKI

The Jurnal Kebijakan Kesehatan Indonesia : JKKI (JKKI) is an open access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the publication of novel research in all aspects of health policy. JKKI is published four times a year and accepts original research articles featuring well-designed studies with clearly analyzed and logically interpreted results. A strong preference is given to research that has the potential to make significant contributions to both the field of health policy in general.

We invite authors to submit articles in the fields of health policy, health policy formulation, health policy implementation, health policy monitoring and evaluation. This journal is intended as a medium of communication for those who have attention to health policy such as policy makers at the central government level, local government, including in health service organizations such as hospitals, health services, BKKBN, drug industry managers, medical devices and health insurance, and research education institutions.

JKKI is published by Center for Health Policy and Management (CHPM).

JKKI uses an online submission and peer review platform, which allows authors to track the progress of their manuscript and enables shorter processing times. Only submissions made through this platform are accepted, with submitting authors required to create an JKKI account. Manuscripts submitted by any other means are automatically discarded.

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Vol 10, No 3 (2021)

Table of Contents


dandung ruskar
10.22146/jkki.63834 Abstract views : 210 | views : 10
Anung Ahadi Pradana, Lina Anisa Nasution, Casman Casman
10.22146/jkki.62692 Abstract views : 751 | views : 6
Dyah Indraswati, Uwi Martayadi, Sovia Rahmaniah, Mohammad Archi Maulyda, Prihma Sinta Utami
10.22146/jkki.61745 Abstract views : 213 | views : 0
Wulan Fitrian, Yulia Sofiatin, Irvan Afriandi
10.22146/jkki.64161 Abstract views : 254
Eva Tirtabayu Hasri
10.22146/jkki.62647 Abstract views : 363
Ari Nurfikri
10.22146/jkki.65318 Abstract views : 554
Rahmat Bakhtiar
10.22146/jkki.66042 Abstract views : 115

Supplementary Articles

Evi Susanti Sinaga, Ika Rahma Ginting, Rina K Kusumaratna, Tiara Marthias
10.22146/jkki.66063 Abstract views : 553
Susilo Wulan
10.22146/jkki.63482 Abstract views : 101
Suryani Yulianti, Edit Oktavia Manuama, Tri Aktariyani, Tiara Marthias, Laksono Trisnantoro
10.22146/jkki.68350 Abstract views : 247
Rahmat Bakhtiar, Hilda Hilda, Krispinus Duma, Laksono Trisnantoro
10.22146/jkki.68513 Abstract views : 94
Edit Oktavia Manuama, Stevi Ardianto Nappoe, Tri Aktariyani, M. Faozi Kurniawan, Laksono Trisnantoro
10.22146/jkki.66583 Abstract views : 177
Juanita Juanita
10.22146/jkki.66946 Abstract views : 97
Edit Oktavia Manuama, Puguh Priyo Widodo, Yennike Tri Herawati, Ni’mal Baroya, Muhammad Faozi Kurniawan
10.22146/jkki.67088 Abstract views : 763
Tri Aktariyani
10.22146/jkki.66762 Abstract views : 106

Supplementary Policy Brief

Juanita Juanita
10.22146/jkki.69490 Abstract views : 84 | views : 195
Sri Herlina
10.22146/jkki.69491 Abstract views : 381 | views : 381
Dian Isti Angraini, Delmi Sulastri, Hardisman Hardisman, Yusrawati Yusrawati
10.22146/jkki.69492 Abstract views : 51 | views : 180
Sani Rachman Soleman
10.22146/jkki.69494 Abstract views : 56 | views : 468
Silva Liem, Hana Panggabean, Rustono Farady Marta, Clara R.P. Ajisuksmo
10.22146/jkki.69495 Abstract views : 32 | views : 118
Siti Khadijah Nasution
10.22146/jkki.69496 Abstract views : 492 | views : 1558
Ch. Tuty Ernawati
10.22146/jkki.69497 Abstract views : 83 | views : 977