Journal History

Agro Ekonomi,, AE, is published two times a year, i.e., June and December. The first edition of Agro Ekonomi (Volume 1) has been published on June 1978. Agro Ekonomi has been registered with ISSN 2541-1616 (Online) starting for articles included in Volume 27 No. 1 2016.

The current chairman of Agro Ekonomi is Prof. Dr. Ir. Masyhuri with the team that consists of Prof. Dwidjono Hadi Darwanto, Prof. Irham, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Sunarru Samsi Hariadi. The office of Agro Ekonomi is located at Faculty of Agriculture, UGM, Jl. Flora Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, 55281, Indonesia.

Agro Ekonomi, AE, has been registered in CrossRef thus articles that are published in Volume 27 No. 1 and forward hold Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number. Agro Ekonomi has been currently indexed by both national and international indexer institutions such as: Google Scholar (International), Indonesian Scientific Journal Database (ISJD - National), Science and Technology Index (SINTA - National), Indonesian Publication Index (IPI - National), Indonesia One Search (National), and other citation databases of peer reviewed scientific literature.

Based on the Decree of the General Director of Strengthening the Research and Development, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia No. 21 / E / KPT/ 2018, Agro Ekonomi was declared as an Accredited Scientific Journal with category “Sinta 2” from Volume 27 Number 1 Tahun 2016 until Volume 31 Number 2 Tahun 2020.

From July 2018, Agro Ekonomi has a new template. The number of page from 15-20 page changes into 8-10 page. Every issues have 10 papers into 5-15 papers.