Persepsi Risiko di Indonesia: Tinjauan Kualitatif Sistematik

Aquilina Tanti Arin
(Submitted 29 June 2016)
(Published 29 June 2016)


The Method of synthesis was narrative subjective review or qualitative review. 40 papers were
collected by searching online papers through Google with key words, but only 26 papers that
included in inclusion criteria were used to this study. The result showed that studies about risk
perception were conducted in 6 fields, including health, disaster, traffic, sport, environment and
tourism. Subjects were varied from children to adult. There were 3 main themes of risk perception
studies: first, the relationship between risk perception and behavior; second, factors of risk
perception, and third, description of risk perception. Result of this study was discussed to identify
gaps of studies about risk perception of Indonesian population for practical consequences in risk

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DOI: 10.22146/bpsi.11949


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