Peran Keterampilan Membaca dengan Strategi Membaca untuk Meningkatkan Prestasi: Meta-analisis

- Sudjiono, Wisjnu Martani
(Submitted 29 June 2016)
(Published 29 June 2016)


The author tried to find out the corellation coefficient between reading skills and reading
strategi to achievement by quantitative meta-analysis. 65 studies were collected and analyzed. The
results of the synthesis showed that the best estimate of the population correlation was 0.435
(reading skills), 0.429 (reading strategy), and 0.434 ((reading skills and reading strategy) and the
frequency weighted average scuared error correlations corrected individually for artifacts about
0.176. (reading skills), 0.0828 (reading strategy), and 0.154 (reading skills and reading strategy),
with zero effect size standard deviation of all. Implications related to definition and instructional
components that optimize the magnitude of outcomes are discussed.

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DOI: 10.22146/bpsi.11948


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