Program Manajemen Stres Kerja di Perusahaan: sebuah Petunjuk untuk Menerapkannya

Susy Purnawati
(Submitted 1 June 2016)
(Published 1 June 2014)


Job stress is an iceberg phenomen. A great number of unreported cases and there is no aplicative
program in Indonesia cause increase of job stress risk and its negative impact to productivity and
company image. More complex job demand without appropriate work capacity and inharmonic
relationship in the work place could be the main sources of job stress. This paper is focused on job
stress management program guidance that applicable at company and physiologic stress response
and also in depth theoretical point of job stress management within psycho-physiology aspect. The
aim of this written paper is to increase awareness and understanding of the application of stress
management programs among occupational physician, industrial community and industrial
practices. Stress management programs in company not only post about the improvement of
working conditions also focuses on an individual orientation. On aspects of working conditions, the
improvement should be referring to standard of occupational health and safety (OHS) -
management program, while aspect of individual coping skills can be done with the training of
problem focus technique. Several studies have shown that the program creates respond to the limbic
system of brain which is integrated with the function of cortex frontals. In addition, it could create
respond to changes body’s homeostasis due to changes in the response of the limbic system to the
HPA (hypothalamic - pituitary - adrenal) axis and SAM (symphato - Adreno - medullary) - axis.
The effectiveness of the program can be measured by the subjective and objective parameters.

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DOI: 10.22146/bpsi.11452


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