Berita Kedokteran Masyarakat

Berita Kedokteran Masyarakat (BKM Public Health and Community Medicine) [ISSN 0215-1936 (Print) and ISSN 2614-8412 (Online)] is a scientific journal in the field of Public Health, published by the Master Program in Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing (FKKMK) Gadjah Mada University in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Community Medicine and Public Health (PDK3MI), Minister of Information of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1143 / SK / Ditjen.PPG / STT / 1987 and the Indonesian Society of Public Health Experts (IAKMI).

Berita Kedokteran Masyarakat (BKM Public Health and Community Medicine) is a scientific journal that contains research articles published four months since it was published in 1985, then since 2016 (Volume 32) BKM is published every month / 12 times a year.

BKM is recognized as an accredited national scientific journal based on the Decree of the General Director of Research and Development Strengthening, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number: 21 / E / KPT / 2018 dated July 9, 2018 (Sinta 3).

Articles published in this journal have gone through a blind review process by two of the reviewer. The reviewer then makes a decision based on a recommendation with several possibilities: rejected, major revision, minor revision, or accepted.

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Vol 37, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


Nurul Hidayati, Dedy Almasdy, Abdi Setya Putra
10.22146/bkm.60819 Abstract views : 462 | views : 324
Rini Hariyati, Pujiyanto Pujiyanto, Budi Hidayat
10.22146/bkm.53382 Abstract views : 395 | views : 229
Rinaldi Daswito, Kholilah Samosir
10.22146/bkm.57738 Abstract views : 4819 | views : 230
Yunita Kemala Dewi, Ari Probandari
10.22146/bkm.59065 Abstract views : 402 | views : 303
Supriyati Supriyati, Dian Kurnia Angraeny, Theodora Monica Carissa, Abicintha Pramesti Sheila, Shiefa Annisa Qisthi, Maulidiannisa Rianti, Tommy Roshan
10.22146/bkm.63081 Abstract views : 433 | views : 335
Metta Rahmadiana, Supra Wimbarti, Ira Paramastri, Atik Triratnawati
10.22146/bkm.61744 Abstract views : 536 | views : 485