The impact of the preparation and outbreak of a nuclear war on man and his ecosystem

T. Jacob T. Jacob(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


This article described the medical effects of nuclear arms race and of a probable, intended, unintentional or self-ignited, nuclear war. The danger prior CO and after the explosion of the nuclear arsenal is brought forth.
Among the post-war effects the global and prolonged ecological damages are elaborated, affecting both the physical-biological and cultural ecosystem. Considering these effects, post-war survival would not be preferable to immediate death. Medicine would be rendered impotent in such a nuclear holocaust; hence, all efforts have to be concentrated on prevention.
Indonesia despite its geographical and political position would not be well off in a total nuclear confrontation. Even here, therefore, the physician as teacher-healer, biologist and scientist or technologist, and especially as a human being, cannot escape the social responsibility to contribute his utmost effort towards the prevention of nuclear war and its preparation.

Key Words: medical effects of nuclear war - nuclear winter - human extinction - UV radiation - suppression of immune system

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