Iris cyst after cataract extraction: A case report

Hartana & Suhardjo Hartana & Suhardjo(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


A case of 50 years-old woman with iris cyst 214 years after cataract extraction has been reported. Removal of the cyst had been performed, but a vitreocorneal adherence appeared. This was a complication of cystectomic procedure and caused a progression of corneal edema and a bullous keratopathy, so that the prognosis remained poor.
Iris cyst is the most malignant complication of cataract extraction. Estimates of the incidence vary from 0.00 to 0.11%. The history of illness, clinical signs and biomicroscopic examination suggested that the case was an epithelial invasion into the anterior chamber following cataract extraction.

Key Words: iris cyst - cystectomy - vitreocorneal adherence - bullous keratopathy - cataract

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