Viva Justicia: Journal of Private Law welcomes original articles on any legal topic regarding Private Law. While we embrace multidisciplinary research, a robust legal analysis must be a key component of submitted articles. We accept submissions throughout the year and publish biannually in June and December.


We welcome high-quality research articles in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Submissions undergo an initial pre-review, followed by a double-blind peer review process. The article writing guidelines are as follows:

  1. Articles must be original, indicating they have not been previously published in any other journal or book, regardless of language.
  2. Articles can be written in either English or Bahasa Indonesia.
  3. Titles, abstracts (100-200 words), and keywords (3-5) must be provided in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. Authors not fluent in Bahasa Indonesia can submit English abstracts only.
  4. Article content should range from 5000 to 10,000 words, inclusive of footnotes but exclusive of the bibliography.
  5. Bibliographies are not required to have subsections for different types of references.
  6. Conference papers and theses/dissertations may be considered for publication if the author clearly identifies them as such and if they have undergone substantial revisions.
  7. Authors must disclose all co-authors at the time of submission by providing their names in the submission metadata. Only those who have made significant contributions to the article and have agreed to the final product should be listed.
  8. Authors are required to cite their sources responsibly, following the specified format outlined in the guidelines.