Jurnal Ilmu Kehutanan (JIK) is a peer-reviewed journal. All manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed by reviewers and the reviewers' comments will be forwarded to the authors. Upon completed evaluation, the paper will be either accepted or declined. However, a submission may be declined by the Editor-in-Chief without review, if deemed inappropriate for reasons other than scientific merit. Criteria used in evaluating the papers are the novelty and interest for a broad audience, the quality of the paper, the adequate methodology, and interpretation of the results provided by the authors. While submitting the revised manuscript, the authors should explain how the reviewers' comments have been addressed. If the authors disagree with the reviewers' comments, the reason(s) should be explained.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the overall editorial process and coordination. She is assisted by Associate Editors, who will coordinate the review process of manuscripts dealing with subjects of their respective expertise. The final decision whether to accept or reject a paper rests with them. The Editor reserves the right to make some corrections (without altering the essence of the work) to style, phraseology, arrangement of figures, etc., without communicating with the author. If the Editor decides that the manuscript requires essential changes, the author will then be asked to accept those changes.