Journal of Interdisciplinary Legal Issues (JILI) is an academic journal that focuses on conceptual and research articles in both normative and empirical approaches with emphasis on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields of law. We highly encourage articles that combine legal with non-legal aspects in their analysis. The aims of journal are:

  1. To support scientific writing that is critical, progressive, and innovative which are beneficial for the general public;
  2. To expand knowledge and increase scientific writing competence;
  3. To develop interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scientific legal works

This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Number 50 of 2018 on the Amendments to the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 44 of 2015 concerning National Standards for Higher Education which aims to produce the quantity and quality of publications of scientific papers from students of undergraduate programs, master's programs, and doctoral programs; both on a national and international scale. The publication of scientific works for students is intended as an effort to develop science and technology, as well as to increase the nation's competitiveness in the management and administration of higher education.

In relation to which, currently the availability of a medium to distribute scientific works and writings produced by postgraduate students is urgently needed. For the last three years, students have been provided with facilities in the form of journal writing workshops. In order to maximize these efforts, a journal is needed to accommodate opportunities for students to publish scientific papers on both national and international scale.

Therefore, within the context of developing legal knowledge and improving scientific writing competence, the Faculty of Law plans to establish a law journal that is inclusive in capturing legal scientific writings both from students and from general academics.