Journal Business Model

JCEF has established a Journal Business Model to ensure its sustainability and publication development. The business model developed by JCEF is as follows :

1. Subscription and Open Access Fees

JCEF is an open-access journal. There are no registration fees for researchers who want to publish their research and for readers of the articles in JCEF. The research papers are freely available to the public.

2. Advertisements and Sponsorships

  • Collaborate with civil engineering companies, suppliers, and relevant scientific organisations to display targeted advertisements on your journal's website. Some civil engineering companies and scientific organisations that have been collaborating in last five years are : PT. Wijaya Karya, PT. PP, PT. PP Properti, PT. Wika Beton, PT. Adhi Karya, Abipraya, Jasa Marga, HATHI (Indonesia Association of Hydraulic Engineers), HATHI (Indonesia Association of Geotechnical Engineering), HAKI (Indonesia Association of Civil and Structural Engineering), HPJI (Indonesia Road Development Association).

  • Seek sponsorships for specific issues, special features, or events within the journal. This can help cover costs and enhance the quality of content. Currently, JCEF is mainly sponsored by the Civil and Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

3. Conference and Event Revenue

  • Organize annual or biannual civil engineering conferences or webinars and charge admission fees to attend.

  • Promote these events through the journal to attract both attendees and sponsors.

4. Print Sales

Publish print versions of your journal for those who prefer physical copies and sell them through subscriptions or individual copies.

5. Consulting and Training Services

Leverage the expertise of JCEF's contributors and editors to offer consulting services, workshops, or training programs in civil engineering and related fields.

6. Grants and Research Funding

Seek research publication grants from governmental or private organisations to support journal operational processes.

7. Crowdfunding and Donations

Accept donations from individuals or organisations interested in supporting the journal's mission to promote civil engineering research and knowledge sharing.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Partner with relevant companies or online platforms, promoting their products or services to your audience and earning a commission on sales generated through your referrals. So far, JCEF has collaborated with Native Proofreading to promote the proofreading company, and on the other hand, JCEF receives a discount when using the services of Native Proofreading.

The journal business model is continuously assessed and refined to meet the evolving needs of JCEF readers and contributors.