Poetika: Jurnal Ilmu Sastra

Poetika: Jurnal Ilmu Sastra [Poetika] is a twice a year open access journal, published by the Post-graduate Program of Literature of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia and is currently accredited by the National Research and Innovation Agency of Indonesia (Sinta 2) and indexed in DOAJ. This journal employs Crossref for the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) activation. Poetika is continuously striving to expand its reach to readers, authors, editors, and reviewers. Poetika has been extending its authorship not only from Asia but also from European countries like France, Belgium, and Russia. Poetika has also expanded its network by joining two international academic consortia based in Asia: the Critical Islands Studies Consortium and the Asian Journal Network. The information of the consortia is accessible via this URL.

Regarding with the aim and scope, Poetika focuses on the critical analysis and interpretation of literature through structural, post-structural, post-modern, and post-colonial approaches, with specific preference given to under-represented works and those that foreground marginalized peoples and groups. Poetika pays close attention to various social conditions and phenomena occurring in society today, especially concerning minority groups, marginalized, marginal, and dominated groups. These groups emerge in contexts such as disability, gender inequality, social class, power relations, and so on. Poetika's central aim is to amplify these voices by spotlighting literary works  that grapple with societal issues. This focus endows Poetika with significant scholarly relevance and novelty in addressing societal marginalization. By featuring such literature, the journal not only broadens academic perspectives but also promotes essential life skills and values, fostering social inclusion, solidarity, tolerance, equality, empathy, and respect, thereby contributing to the discourse on marginalization. Submitted articles should provide a critical perspective on contemporary works and contribute to current debates within contemporary literature.

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Vol 11, No 2 (2023): Issue 2

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Ari Bagus Panuntun, Lysa Osmani
10.22146/poetika.v11i2.87730 Abstract views : 300 | views : 109
Geubrina Rizki, Miftahul Huda, Abdul Aziz
10.22146/poetika.v11i2.87177 Abstract views : 314 | views : 134
Adiba Qonita Zahroh
10.22146/poetika.v11i2.84534 Abstract views : 101 | views : 73
Diah Putri Ayu Wandira, Rizal Octofianto Datau, Nur Wulan
10.22146/poetika.v11i2.86712 Abstract views : 129 | views : 92
Lelu Dina Apristia
10.22146/poetika.v11i2.90266 Abstract views : 287 | views : 114
Raymon D Ritumban
10.22146/poetika.v11i2.90263 Abstract views : 483 | views : 203