Selected Abstracts for International Workshop on Power, Conflict, and Democracy (IWPCD) 2018

PCD Journal team has selected abstracts to be invited in the International Workshop on Power, Conflict, and Democracy (IWPCD) 2018. Listed below the list of authors and abstracts title selected to join the IWPCD 2018.




Abstract’ Title


Tadzkia Nurshafira

Mainstreaming Modernization Risk Politics under Indonesia’s Democratization: Towards Public Control over Welfare and Risk


Moh Zaki Arrobi

More than Vigilantism: A Study of Vigilant Citizenship within Islamist Groups in the post-Suharto Yogyakarta


Ahmad Norma Permata

Anatomy of Political Exploitation of Religion: A Conceptual Framework


Lubabun Ni’am

Defending place: Relational positionality and the dynamics of urban activism in Yogyakarta


Desiana Rizka Fimmastuti

Menakar Ulang Posisi Pemuda dalam Gerakan Politik Independen Paska Reformasi: Kasus Jogja Independent


Reyhan Gustira Anwar

Reformasi, Democratisation, and Constitutional Amendments in Indonesia: An Assessment


Ashari Cahyo Edi, Indah Surya Wardhani

Transformational and Transactional Leadership: Understanding How Leadership Cultivates Democratic Citizenship in Panggungharjo, Bantul, Yogyakarta


Nurlinah, Haryanto, Rizkika Lhena Darwin

Incumbency Disadvantages: Local Election and Populism in Indonesia


Venansius Haryanto

Depoliticized Subject under Developmentalism Discourse (Peasant’s Tale of Western Flores)


Listiana Asworo, Nuruddin Al Akbar

Salah Urus:  Kekeliruan Nalar Berfikir Pemerintah Dalam Mereduksi Eksistensi Kelompok Islam “Radikal”



For all authors who are invited to join IWPCD 2018, please submit your full paper max. 1 May 2018. Please use PCD guideline on your manuscript, from the following link, and submit your manuscript on Open Journal System, from the following link

There’s an updated date on IWPCD 2018, which will be held on 26-27 September 2018.


For further information please contact, or Jejek on 085767968488.