Ahmad Sahide(1*)

(1) Program Studi Agama dan Lintas Budaya Minat Studi Kajian Timur Tengah, Sekolah Pascasarjana Universitas Gadjah Mada
(*) Corresponding Author


Conflict of Syi’i-Sunni is the conflict that has long history. The seed of this conflict began since the death
of Prophet Muhamad SAW. In the beginning, this conflict is the political conflict, it related about who
would be the successor of Muhammad’s leadership after his death. However, this conflict was brought
to the religious (aqidah) conflict among the followers of Ali and the followers od Abu Bakar and the
other Friends. This conflict has big impact in colouring the history of the Islamic world civilization
which is so difficult to be compromised, to the present. Even this conflict participates in colouring the
political conflict in the Middle East, mainly the Arab World, since the Arab Spring exploded in the early
of 2011 last. The Arab Spring doesn’t just make popular the word of democracy in the political discourse
of the Middle East, but also the sentiment of Syi’i-Sunni makes hot the political atmosfer. This writing
tries to read the history and the development of Syi’i-Sunni conflict in the Middle East contemporerly.


Syi’i-Sunni, Conflict, Middle East, and The Arab Spring.

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