Journal History

Jurnal Rekayasa Proses (J. Rek. Pros.) is an Indonesian scientific journal published by Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The focus is all topics related with exploitation and optimization process. This journal publishes two issues annually every June and December. The languange can be either in English or in Indonesian. 

The submission process of manuscript is open throughout the year. All submitted manuscripts will go through the double blind-peer review process and editorial review before being granted with acceptance for publication. Designed as a medium of information and scientific knowledge, Jurnal Rekayasa Proses publishes numerous review articles and research articles in the area of kinetics and catalysis, separation and purification system, process system engineering, natural oil, gas and coal technology, particle technology, mineral processing, material and biomaterial, renewable resource engineering, biochemistry and bioprocess engineering, biomoleculare engineering, and energy, water, enviroment and sustainability.

The journal was initially published in printed version (p-issin 1978-287X). The first was a 2007 Vol 1 No 1 issue published in June 2007. In 2012, the online version (e-issn 2549-1490) was introduced and all issues before this year were uploaded in the system. Start from 2016, the online journal system has been used to manage Jurnal Rekayasa Proses.

Our gratitude and appreciation is for our retired editor-in-chiefs: Ir. Harry Sulistyo, SU., Ph.D and Ir. Siti Syamsiah, Ph.D  and all the staffs, who have managed the publication of the journal until 2016.