Jurnal Kesehatan Reproduksi

Jurnal Kesehatan Reproduksi is a scientific journal published by  the  Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing, University of Gadjah Mada who works closely with Association of Women and Children Reproductive Health Enthusiasts and Experts.  This journal is a media of information and scientific knowledge which contains research articles and case reports in the field of reproductive health issues in women, children, and adolescents; including pregnant women health, gynecology issues and family planning. It is also accommodating the development of reproductive health problems through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

Jurnal Kesehatan Reproduksi first printed version was published in 2014 with ISSN 2302-836X. In 2016, we also have an online journal version with ISSN 2621-461X. Currently, we already use the Online Journal System, requiring all authors to submit their papers online. Afterwards, authors, editors and reviewers will be able to monitor the manuscript processing.

This journal is published annually every April, August and December. Submission of the manuscript is done throughout the year using direct online submission in https://jurnal.ugm.ac.id/jkr. All submitted papers will be reviewed according to rules and regulation. At present, the reviewing process is performed using single blind peer review; but in the future we will use double blind peer review. Reviewers will declare which manuscripts deserves to be published through online information. 


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Vol 8, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents

Research Article

Cipta Pramana, Angeline Vincentia, Andriana Kumala Dewi
10.22146/jkr.60608 Abstract views : 216
Siska Damaiyanti, Marizki Putri
10.22146/jkr.59842 Abstract views : 77
Hardiknas Steven Saneba, Nuring Pangastuti, Shinta Prawitasari
10.22146/jkr.65753 Abstract views : 120
Lilik Gretta Damaianty, Ardhanu Kusumanto, Agung Dewanto
10.22146/jkr.69698 Abstract views : 28
Atik Mahmudah Pamungkas, Atik Triratnawati, Fitria Siswi Utami, Purnomo Suryantoro
10.22146/jkr.54524 Abstract views : 66
Maria Lupita Nena Meo, Lenny Ganika
10.22146/jkr.61688 Abstract views : 76
Fakhrunnisa Ahmad, Budi Utomo, Noor Aulia Ramadhan
10.22146/jkr.52540 Abstract views : 112
I Made Darmayasa, Nicholas Renata Lazarosony
10.22146/jkr.70135 Abstract views : 22
Soetrisno Soetrisno, Sinta Dyah Amrih Lestari, M Fanani M Fanani, Hafi Nurinasari
10.22146/jkr.70136 Abstract views : 68

Literature Review

Nur Setiawati Rahayu, Debby Endayani Safitri
10.22146/jkr.60016 Abstract views : 41