Aini Suryani(1*), Mubasysyir Hasanbasri(2), Nunung Priyatni(3)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Medicine is an integral part of community health
service. Therefore it must be available in sufficient quantity,
types and adeqaute quality, properly distributed and accessible
for community when its needed. In order to meet the
community’s need for medicine and to guarantee medicine
accessibility, the government released generic medicine policy.
Although the price of the generic medicine has already been
set up and fixed by government, there are variety of the price
still can be found on implementation of the generic medicine
sold in the pharmacy store or in the market, and can cause
price uncertainty for community in finding medicine they need.
That is why a research needs to be conduct toward
implementation of the generic medicine price policy on the
distribution channel especially at the pharmacy store.on
Pelalawan District in Riau Province.
Method: This research is non experimental/observational
research with qualitative and quantitative method using cross
sectional design, data analyzed descriptively.
Result: Research result indicates that access to generic
medicine at pharmacy store for available medicine are 99,3%,
for un available medicine are 0,7% and for replaced medicine
are 0,5%. Average availability of the medicine at the pharmacy
store are 4-7,3 months. Highest availability rate for medicine is
Hidrocortison cream 2,5% for 7,3 months and the lowest is
Pirazinamid tablet 500 mg for 4 months. Pharmacy store that
have an expired medicine are PR (0,7%) and KH (2%). Every
pharmacy store have no damaged medicine, 0% percentage.
Almost all pharmacy store experiencing out of supply for
medicine between 4 to 90 days. Price of the medicine sold
averagely increasing from its pharmacy store Highest Retail
Price (HRP). But there are several medicine that sold under the
HRP The highest price medicine that are sold higher than its
HRP is Clorfeniramin Maleat (CTM) tablet by 515,4% increase
and Dexametason tablet is the lowest price sold under HRP by
65,2%. Even so they are Alopurinol, Digoksin, and Ranitidin.
From in depth interviews with patients, can be learn that they
have a purchase ability for generic medicine.
Conclusion: Implementation of generic drug price on Pelalawan
district is good. It can be seen from generic medicine access
by community that are high after the release of regulation from
Health Department of Republic Indonesia, the level of availability
of generic medicine on pharmacy store at Pelalawan District
are low but there are no expired or damaged medicine. The
price of generic medicine at Pelalawan District are variable but
the community still can afford to buy them.
Keyword: Generic medicine, availability and affordability.

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