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Background: The ‘Jamsoskes Sumsel Semesta’ is a local
program that offered free medical treatment for health services
for the people of South Sumatra who do not have health
insurance. Meanwhile, starting in 2014, the national Government
will implement the Universal Health Coverage as mandated by
the Social Security Law. As insurance have a principle of
indemnity where there should not be a duplicate social security,
there should be no society that is assured by the two programs
with the aim of speculating to make a profit. This study aims to
explore the implementation of the expansion plan of ‘Jamsoskes
Sumsel Semesta’ to pave the way to Universal Health Coverage
in 2014 in South Sumatera.
Methods: This study was a qualitative policy research with
exploratory design. The focus are policy content, context,
actors, and policy processes. Data were collected by in-depth
interviews and observation. Sources of information obtained
from five informants from the institution of Provincial Health
Office, Planning and Regional Development Agency of South
Sumatra, and Provincial Government who selected by
purposive technique based on considerations of participation
in Jamsoskes. The analysis used is the analysis of policy.
Results and Discussion: Based on the results of study it is
found that the South Sumatra provincial government will
continue to provide the Jamsoskes program in 2014 as it is,
managed by the Health Office. Some of the considerations are
for efficiency and flexibility and that it does not include all the
people. Also, in the Presidential Decree No. 12 of 2013, the
national government still provides opportunities for local scheme
to grow until 2019. Some development is done in Jamsoskes
including improving the quality and quantity of health care
providers. Preparations are coordinated with Social Security
Agency about number of contribution beneficiaries. One of
the challenges is that the community rather go to the hospital
directly so it can interfere with the referral system.
Conclusion: There has not been a lot of development effort
undertaken by local government onJamsoskes in preparation
for the 2014 to welcome Universal Health Coverage. The South
Sumatra provincial government should develop further the
services under Jamsoskes as adjustments in welcoming the
implementation of the second phase of the National Health
Keywords: Policy, Health Insurance, Jamsoskes, Efficiency

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