Hilal Anshary(1*)

(1) Jurusan Perikanan, Fakultas Ilmu Kelautan dan Perikanan Universitas Hasanuddin
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The aims of this research were to study level of infection of the monogenean parasite Actinocleidus sp. and its pathological effects on the gills of Catfish ( Clarias gariepinus). This research was conducted in April to June 2008 at several Catfish culture localities in Makassar and Maros, South Sulawesi. The fish were chategorized in three different ages group, i.e. small (5 < x ≤ 10 cm), middle (10 < x ≤15 cm) and large (x ≥15 cm). The totals of 270 fish were examined with 9 times frequency of sampling conducted every week.

Prevalence of Actinocleidus sp. infection at the three culture facilities was very high (100%). Mean intensity at small, middle and large fish cultured in Adhyaksa were 85.9, 93.2 and 55.2, respectively. In Arief Rate, the mean intensity of infection at small, middle and large fish were 17.5, 15.1 and 7.2, respectively, whereas in Maros the mean intensity of infection were 56.7, 64.7 and 40.9, respectively. There was a high signifi cant difference of mean intensity between small, middle and large fish (P < 0.01). Pathological effects of the parasite Actinocleidus sp. on gills showed some damages, i.e. distal and basal hyperfl asia, fusion and overstimulated of mucus production. The high prevalence and mean intensity of the parasite infection indicating the worse culture management system applying by the Catfish farmers as well as by the high stocking density of the fish. The lower mean intensity of infection seen in the larger fish might be indicating that the larger fish had already developed immune system than the small ones.


Actinocleidus sp., aquaculture, Clarias gariepinus, monogenean

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