Comparison of Motion History Image and Approximated Ellipse Method in Human Fall Detection System

Mohammad Brado Frasetyo(1*), Elvira Sukma Wahyuni(2), Hendra Setiawan(3)

(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia
(2) Universitas Islam Indonesia
(3) Universitas Islam Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


This paper compares two different method in human fall detection system namely motion history image and approximated ellipse. Research has been done in small studio with 4 CCTV camera as video data recorder, whereas video data are processed using MATLAB software. The experiment was carried out using three object’s fall direction and two type of falling movement. The fall direction is consist of front, side, and back fall. Whereas the falling movement is consist of direct and indirect fall movement. Meanwhile, the object’s initial position is standing and size of captured object is constant. The result is motion history image has accuracy 74.26% for direct falling movement, and 75.69% for indirect falling movement. Whereas approximated ellipse has accuracy 56.85% for direct falling movement, and 61.81% for indirect falling movement. Therefore, motion history image is better than approximated ellipse in human fall detection system.


Image Processing; Human Fall Detection; Method Comparison; Motion History Image; Approximated Ellipse

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