Evaluasi Promosi Kesehatan Penanggulangan Gizi Buruk Melalui Pemberian Makanan Tambahan Pemulihan di Kabupaten Gianyar


Luh Putu Musnitarini, Ira Paramastri, Atik Triratnawati(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Malnutrition  until  this  time  is  a great  problem  in  Indonesia although  the government  has  tried  to control  it. The Susenas data showed  that  the number of malnutrition  in 1992 was 7,2% and  then  improved up  to 8,8%  in 2005. The effort of health promotion  that has been conducted was Recovery Supplement Food  (PMT-P).

Objective: This  research was aimed to evaluate the  implementation of promotion of giving the PMT-P in  the effortof malnutrition  case control  in Gianyar  district.

Method: This was a  qualitative  research  that  involved  informants  of health  care provider  (nutrition section, TPG of Primary Health Care and village midwife) and supported by  informants of mother who have children under  five years old who  suffered  from malnutrition.  This  research was  conducted  in Gianyar  district  and  the data was collected with  indepth  interview  and  observation while  data  validity was  conducted with  source  and method triangulation. Data  analysis was  conducted with  fixed  comparison method.

Result  and Discussion:  Informant of  health care  provider had  good understanding  on  the  promotion of PMT-P. The benefit  of PMT-P  promotion could  increase  the weigh and  yet has  not achieved  normal  rate  as well  as could  help community. The negative  side  is  the community will be  dependent on  the given  promotion. The  given counseling was  not  suitable with  the  standard  that was without media,  informant  felt  a  heavy  duties  and expected  that  there will  be  an  additional manpower  from  regional  government. The  proposal  for  program improvement was  increasing  the  budget  to  fulfill  the  nutrition need  in  the  quantity and  quality.

Conclusion: Understanding  toward promotion of PMT-P  in controlling  bad nutrition was quite good, PMT-P was implemented  during  90 days  such as with  food  package, milk  powder, biscuit  and  green  bean. Counseling was not  intensive and without using media/equipment such  as  flip  chart and  food model. The given PMT-P  that was given for malnutrition case not only consumed by the target but also by other family member. The promotion PMT-P should be continued with  the  improvement on quality and quantity  in order  to  fulfill  the nutrition need of children under  five  years  old  in  achieving  normal body weigh.

Keywords: promotion  evaluation, PMT-P, malnutrition

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/bkm.3576

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